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Ek Ladki Do Chappu

Ek Ladki Do Chappu


Directed By

Sameer Bhavnani

  Ricky Bhavnani

Executive Producers

Sameer Bhavnani
  Ricky Bhavnani

Story by

Sameer Bhavnani
  Ricky Bhavnani

Kal Parekh


Shawn Parikh


Misba Kabir


Priya Kumar


Eric Egan

Fakir (Beggar)

Chitta Das






Produced: Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Runtime: 22:06



Jamesh [Kal Parekh] and Dalshukabah [Shawn Parikh] are best friends from India living in America. One day at the beach they are enjoying the beautiful Californian girls, when Jamesh gets his eye struck by one very beautiful Indian woman named Tulsi [Misba Kabir]. He works hard to convince her to have a double date with him and his friend, but unfortunately for Jamesh, both Tulsi and her friend like Dalshukabah. A foreign romantic comedy, and satire on Indian Films. Subtitles in English.




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