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What Would You Do 3


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Directed By

Ricky Bhavnani

Executive Producers

Ricky Bhavnani

Story by

Ricky Bhavnani

Edited by

Ricky Bhavnani


Ricky Bhavnani

Production Assistants

Sameer Bhavnani
  Helen Pelen
  Jose Avalos

Old Man

Jeff Vernon

Very Old Man

Bert Hawkins




Produced: Saturday, September 05, 2009

Runtime: 05:56



The Third installment of Hey Homie's interactive adventures.  This episode really has you in a predicament that no one would ever like to be in.  But it is possible.  Make sure you select an option before the time runs out, or face the consequences.  Check out the special effects by Sameer Bhavnani.




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