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Hindu Bindu 2 Trailer

Hindu Bindu 2 Theatrical Trailer

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Directed By

Sameer Bhavnani

Executive Producers

Sameer Bhavnani
Raj Bhavnani
  Ricky Bhavnani 

Story by

Sameer Bhavnani

Edited by

Sameer Bhavnani


Sameer Bhavnani

Production Assistants

Raj Bhavnani

Jamesh Patel

Ricky Bhavnani


Ragene Jerath


Ghanshyam Lalasa




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Produced: Thursday, December 18, 2008

Runtime: 02:42



Hindu Bindu 2, Theatrical Trailer #1. Ricky Bhavnani is back!This movie takes place during the November 26, 2008 Mumbai, India Terrorist Attacks. The same mystical Fruit Stand Owner returns... this time on an adventure like no other! Features the Desi Joker played by Ghanshyam Lalasa. And heroin Ragene Jerath!




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