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About Us


Hey Homie Productions started off as a Hobby for a group of close friends and family. We have been making short and personal movies for over a decade and have been always promoting them on the internet. You can date us back before 1998.


Now we have reached experience of a "professional" level, and offer our expertise to beginners that would like to get involved with filmmaking, and need help in gaining experience, as well as building their resume. With new improvements to the internet, video streaming becoming more familiar, and other software/hardware/technology advancements, Hey Homie Productions can now offer/share their work more easier and faster.


This section is still being updated with more details on our company, as well as history on who we are, why we are called Hey Homie Productions, and in greater detail as to what type of services we offer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our public liaison, Supreme Sam.



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