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Short Skits


Date:  2001, September

Title:  Asswiper


A short video featuring the "Asswiper."

Car Jackovich

Date:  2003, February

Title:  Car Jackovich


Created as a short one minute lumiere project for a production class at El Camino Community College. 

Dog Humper

Date:  2000, September

Title:  Dog Humper


The first video made by Hey Homie Productions, for an 11th grade TV Production class. 

Dog Humper 2

Date:  2002, September

Title:  Dog Humper 2


The sequel to the first video made by Hey Homie Production, made just for fun.


Date:  2004, June

Title:  Peenile


A short video made for fun at 5am in the morning.

Piss in the Pot

Date:  2000, October

Title:  Piss in the Pot


The second video made by Hey Homie Productions, for the same 11th grade TV Production class.

Piss in the Pot 2

Date:  2003, July

Title:  Piss in the Pot 2


A sequel just for fun.

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