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Beware of the Taxman

Date:  2001, March

Title:  Beware of the Taxman Part 1


An adventure comedy about how for the IRS will go to collect their taxes.

Beware of the Taxman Episode 2

Date:  2005, November

Title:  Beware of the Taxman Part 2


The sequel to Beware of the Taxman Part 2. In this one, the Taxman is back, and it shows the IRS goes after anyone.

Brave New World, The

Date:  2002, June

Title:  Brave New World, The


Based of the Award winning Novel by Aldous Huxley, The Brave New World.

Coming, The

Date:  2006, March

Title:  Coming, The


This movie is about revenge.

Driven Too Far Part 1

Date:  2000, December

Title:  Driven Too Far


"What happens when you are driven... Driven too FAR!?!"  Driven Too Far, the first action movie Hey Homie is to ever make!  As you can see, it was made back in the year 2000!  Please remember, if you are looking for good special effects, this is not the movie for you.

Driven Too Far Part 2

Date:  2002, April

Title:  Driven Too Far 2


"What happens when you are driven... Driven too FAR AGAIN!?!" Well find out by watching this sequel to the first. This one has better Special Effects.

Ek Ladki Do Chappu

Date:  2007, August

Title:  Ek Ladki Do Chappu


Jamesh and his friend Dalshukabah go on a double date. Both the women end up liking Dalshukabah. An Indian Movie Satire.

Fingering Fan

Date:  2001, March

Title:  Fingering Fan


A short comedy about a boy playing with a fan.

Hindu Bindu

Date:  2001, December

Title:  Hindu Bindu


A short suspense movie, filmed in India about a tourist stealing food.

Hindu Bindu : Re-Edit

Date:  2009, June

Title:  Hindu Bindu 1 [2009 Re-Edit]


A 2009 Re-Edit, an updated version to promote the sequel.

Hindu Bindu 2

Date:  2008, December

Title:  Hindu Bindu 2


After 7 Years... Hindu Bindu is back! This is a HUGE... and I mean HUGE difference from Hindu Bindu 1.  A Must Watch!

Hungry, Hungry, Hooker

Date:  2003, November

Title:  Hungry, Hungry, Hooker


One night one the crack with one of the most Hungriest Hooker.


Date:  2003, May

Title:  Inner-Puss


The inner thoughts of a man, that is really a puss.

Junior College - "Parking Problems"

Date:  2005, May

Title:  Junior College - "Parking Problems"


A hilarious comedy about one student trying to find a parking space on a college campus. Nominated one of the best Hey Homie Productions.

L.B.U. "Hot for Teacher"

Date:  2007, February

Title:  L.B.U. "Hot for Teacher"


Pilot Episode. "Hot for Teacher." Harry is failing his English class, so he tries to sleep with his teacher. Comedy.

No One Was There

Date:  2009, February

Title:  No One Was There


Knock Knock.... who's there??......... ..... ..... No one was there... That is the premise of this movie 

Peche Sur Sable

Date:  2006, February

Title:  Peche Sur Sable


French comedy about a guy stealing a beautiful woman's iPod at the Beach.


Date:  2004, February

Title:  Phone-O-Vich


A Sci-Fi on how missing one phone call can alter your life.

The Pig

Date:  2008, September

Title:  The Pig


The story about how one Pig gets lucky.

Ramon Stallone

Date:  2001, July

Title:  Ramon Stallone


Ramon trains for the biggest challenge of his life.

Ramon Stallone 2

Date:  2004, January

Title:  Ramon Stallone 2


Ramon Stallone is back, and this time he is out for revenge!

The Reunion

Date:  2004, May

Title:  Reunion, The


No Synopsis Yet.


Date:  2004, February

Title:  Runnin'


No Synopsis Yet.

Running Man, The

Date:  2002, May

Title:  Running Man


Things turn from a friendly game at Basketball, to a menacing chase!

Run, Mohammad, Run!

Date:  2003, January

Title:  Run, Mohammad, Run!


Mohammad is challenged by Sam, to see how far he can run in 30 seconds.

Sadistic Bitch

Date:  2008, January

Title:  Sadistic Bitch


A loving husband talks about the wife he adores to his co-worker. Little does he know of the surprise waiting for him at home that will change his life forever within the matter of seconds.

The End

Date:  2001, June

Title:  The End


There's nothing more to say than... The End.

What Would You Do? "Timmy's Birthday"

Date:  2006, July

Title:  What Would You Do? "Timmy's Birthday"


What would people do if given an option depending on not only the faith of your own, but your child.  After watching the movie, please vote on what you would do, by scrolling down to the poll.  The most votes will determine the end of this movie, after receiving a minimum of 15 votes, the end will be shot and then posted on the site.

What Would You Do? Part Two

Date:  2007, July

Title:  What Would You Do? Part Two


You the viewers are once again put into a difficult situation, and have to pick the ending.

What Would You Do? Part 3

Date:  2009, August

Title:  What Would You Do? Part Three


This episode really has you in a predicament that no one would ever like to be in.  But it is possible.  Make sure you select an option before the time runs out, or face the consequences.

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