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Always Tampons

Date:  2005, February

Title:  Always Tampons for Men


"Who said men can't do everything that women can..." Now introducing a new line of men products!


Date:  2003, May

Title:  Ass Fly


Ricky Bhavnani creates a new product that ends the pain of pulling down your pants to use the toilet.

Ass Rat, The

Date:  2006, August

Title:  Ass Rat, The


Tired of using toilet paper, that archaic method of cleaning your ass? Then you need the Ass Rat!

Blubber Off

Date:  2001, March

Title:  Blubber Off


The greatest weight gain pill that actually works, only brought to you by Hey Homie Productions.

Control Condom

Date:  2001, July

Title:  Control Condom, The


We've all been in that sticky situation when an annoying sibling or spouse takes the television remote control away from you! Stop that annoyance with the Control Condom!

Corvette Coupe

Date:  2003, February

Title:  Corvette Coupe


A concept for a new Corvette Coupe commercial... only if they have the balls to use it.

Growing Groin

Date:  2001, November

Title:  Growing Groin


Better than Viagra... it's Growing Groin! 

Head Tapper Plus

Date:  2004, May

Title:  Head Tapper Plus


The Head Tapper Plus is a new innovative product, designed by Ramon Gaspar, to fit the neck of all it's customers, and endure the greasiest, nastiest hair known to men. 

Inflatable Boobs

Date:  2003, September

Title:  Inflatable Boobs


I think the title says it all... correct me if I'm wrong.  

Rag in the Bag 5000

Date:  2008, October

Title:  Rag in the Bag 5000


From your favorite perverted gadgets maker, Ramon Gasper, comes Rag in the Bag 5000!! The name pretty much says what this product is.

Rape PSA

Date:  2005, February

Title:  Rape P.S.A.


This is a public service announcement against rape. 

Rapist Mask, The

Date:  2005, February

Title:  Rapist Mask, The


The most popular product for most pervert men everywhere! The Rapist Mask 

seXbox - Dead or Alive Volleyball

Date:  2003, July

Title:  seXbox - Dead or Alive Volleyball


I am sure this was on everyone's mind... we just made it come to life.  

Tickle-Me Asshole

Date:  2000, December

Title:  Tickle-Me Asshole


A product for people that love assholes as much as they like Tickle-Me Elmo.  

Valentine's Day Promo

Date:  2003, December

Title:  Valentine's Day Promo


We at Hey Homie Productions are Romantics, and we'd like to give a salute to all you love birds for Valentine's Day.  

Vanilla Cock

Date:  2003, October

Title:  Vanilla Cock


Coca-Cola paid us millions of dollars to make a Vanilla Coke Commercial... let's just say I doubt we'll be doing business with them anytime soon. 

Vanilla Coke - On the House

Date:  2002, August

Title:  Vanilla Coke - On the House


This Vanilla Coke commercial was made as a contest for Coca-Cola. 

Winterfresh Gum Commercials

Date:  2002, November - 2003, June

Title:  Winterfresh Gum Commercials


These are a series of commercials made for a Winterfresh Gum Contest. 

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