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Music Videos

Dalida - "Tico Tico"

Date:  2005, Wednesday

Title:  Dalida - "Tico Tico"


The first Belly Dancing video produced by Hey Homie Productions, staring Luz Maria Flores belly dancing to the song "Tico Tico," by Dalida.

Dj Irene - "The Launch"

Date:  2001, January

Title:  DJ Irene - "The Launch"


The first music video ever produced by Hey Homie Productions. It was inspired by Asian Ravers and the videogame Dance Dance Revolution, which happened to be very popular at the time.

Ravine - "Breaking me Down"

Date:  2004, April

Title:  Ravine - "Breaking Me Down"


This is a band called Ravine located out of Downey. We helped them make this Rock music video for their Senior Project in High school. Let's just say they got an A.

Ricky 101 - "Wiener Wrap"

Date:  2003, March

Title:  Ricky 101 - "Wiener Wrap"


Ricky 101's first Music video! This is a "wrap" song he did for a Wienerschnitzel contest.

Supreme Sam - "Yaboe"

Date:  2002, June

Title:  Supreme Sam - "Yaboe"


Yaboe... the category of which genre this song falls into remains unassigned.

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