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Animal Abusers Sneek Peak

Date:  2003, March

Title:  Animal Abusers


This is a sneak peek of the upcoming Animal Abusers' documentary. We go around and beat up animals.

Buff Balu

Date:  2004, January

Title:  Buff Balu


This video was created as a submission to MTV's Reality Show Contest.  If you see the show on MTV, that means we won.


Date:  2003, June

Title:  Cargeeks.com


A movie about Car geeks that created a website, and race other cargeeks.

Drunken Dad Teaser

Date:  2004, February

Title:  Drunken Dad Teaser


This is the well awaited Drunken Dad Teaser.  It shows off what it really means to be Drunk!  There's no greater power...

Ek Ladki Do Chappu Teaser

Date:  2007, August

Title:  Ek Ladki Do Chappu Teaser


The full length of the movie is 22 minutes.  The title stands for, "One Woman, Two Chumps," and the movie is entirely in Hindi with English subtitles.  This originally was premiering October 28 at the U-Sea Film Festival.  But that was cancelled.  Now it's premiering November 2 -3, 2007 at Long Media Arts Festival.

Ek Ladki Do Chappu Trailer #2

Date:  2007, October

Title:  Ek Ladki Do Chappu Trailer #1


Here is the first trailer to our Indian movie.  This movie has gone through a lot, after the first festival was cancelled, we submitted to a CSULB film festival, and we didn't get in, so all the other festivals are next year.

Fish Dad Teaser

Date:  2003, January

Title:  Fish Dad Teaser


This teaser was made on January 1, 2003, to start off the new year!

Date:  2009, June

Title:  Hindu Bindu 2 Theatrical Trailer


Filmed in Mumbai, India, December 2008. Ricky Bhavnani is Back in Hindu Bindu 2! Takes place during the November 26, 2008 Taj Hotel Attacks

Mexican Mom

Date:  2001, March

Title:  Mexican Mom


In an urban city of Los Angeles, one mother teaches her kids how to behave, the one way she knows best, beating the living crap out of them.  Mexican Mom, "Don't fuck with her!"

Ramon Stallone 2

Date:  2004, January

Title:  Ramon Stallone 2 Teaser


Well now it has been revealed... the NEW Ramon Stallone movie is around the corner.  Ramon is Back, and he's bigger, stronger, and built to hurt.

Snoop Doggy Doll

Date:  2003, February

Title:  Snoop Doggy Doll


A young boy purchases a Snoop Doggy Dogg Doll soon after the mysterious death of Snoop Dogg. Only to discover that the dogg is possessed...


Date:  2000, November

Title:  Thugs


This commercial was done in 2000.  Unfortunately after a few months, we saw that Saturday Night Live did a skit called THUGS.  To our disappointment we discontinued the project but felt the Preview could still be viewed.  This had no intention of copying Saturday Night Live.

You Got Owned Teaser

Date:  2004, April

Title:  You Got Owned


You got OWNED!  This Teaser is a preview to an upcoming Hey Homie Movie, called... you guessed it!  YOU GOT OWNED!  It's a parody off the movie, You got Served.  A lot of those video game, computer nerd people will laugh their ass off.

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