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Next Seinfeld - Episode 001 - George Slips it In


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Wait... what!? It's 2011!!?

06:39 PM Thursday, September 13, 2011


I'm aware of the date... the year... I know, it's been awhile, it seems like every post I make, I keep mentioning how long it's been.  Well, as things change, I may have chances to update more often, update less... but you know what will never stop... the updates... I don't care how long it takes anymore, and I know, our site is outta date... I personally designed this site back in 2008... it doesn't sound or feel that long ago, but... it's been almost 4 years!!! Technology has improved, web programming has changed... I'm still using FRONTPAGE 10!!! TO EDIT THIS SITE!!! YOU PEOPLE MUST BE LIKE, WHAT THE FFFF IS FRONTPAGE!!???  At 16 I was at the pinnacle of Web designing, people would offer me money to design their sites, but it was something I did not enjoy doing, something I didn't keep up with... and now, I am way out of all the updates on website designing, I just know the bare basics... I only breifly grazed the knowledge of CSS and PHP, and why am I talking about web designing?  Well, it's not only Web Designing, but even the way we view videos online... Youtube has made it easy for me to upload the videos and just show it to people.  This is something we at Hey Homie were doing from day one, from the first version of this site launched in 2001... along with iFILMS and atomfilms and do you guys even remember those sites!?  Yeah, they became extinct with the rise of Youtube! Well... at least we still exist, and will always exisit... because we adapted.  Actually, I first found out about Youtube in 2006, because someone actually downloaded our videos from our site, and started uploading it to Youtube!  On their account.  I didn't care, and I still don't care, I make our videos to be shared.  I'm happy they downloaded it, and it's funny, because at the time, I didn't even understand what Youtube was, I made an account and never used it.  Anyways, why am I now talking so much about Youtube... because my point is that we still make videos, quite frequently actually, they are just going on Youtube first!  Because of ease... I mean, we really should blend this page in more with our Youtube page, but I don't have the webdesigning knowledge.  If you do, and have a rate, I am more than welcome to hear your ideas.  But in the meantime, if you haven't been to our Youtube, then check out, THE NEXT SEINFELD!!!

::Posting by Supreme Sam

Some New Things to Come... 10 Year Anniversary!

05:12 PM Thursday, May 26, 2011


Holy Mother of cow... we almost have done it... coming soon is our 10 Year Anniversary! Yes, coming June 10th, is our 10 Year Anniversary, marking the one decade of when we first released a Hey Homie Productions... believe it or not, I still have the first Official Video, that I will be posting June 10, 2011... couple of days after my IRS auditing! Hopefully I won't get arrested, I'd hate to have to do an update from prison.  I know, I know, many of you are wondering, how I am not in prison already... besides from all the lawsuits, threats to be sued, etc, etc... still just working, and doing movies.  I am well aware, it's been almost a year since an update... don't worry, these next few weeks, we are going to be hitting you with some new movies, back to back to back to back! Starting today off with a New Series of Dating Shows... a Show which was inspired from our Perfect Matches... yes, Perfect Match is done, and over with.  No More... Don't be sad, I think you will find these new dating shows a bit more real... a bit more raw... a bit more, what you've been waiting.. FOR!  Entitled, Bad Dater, check it out under TV shows... 


Also, you may want to add us as friends on Youtube.  We've had a Youtube channel... actually a little unknown fact, our commercial Rapist Mask was one of the FIRST videos on Youtube, back when it was first created.  Believe it or not, Hey Homie Productions was one of the very few websites out there, even before ifilms.com, that would stream video on the internet.  A lot of these video sites die off, due to the creation of Youtube, we haven't, I love youtube, and think it's an AWESOME to show off our films easier than having to update a bulky website.  But this site is always fun to give you an insight behind the scenes of Hey Homie Productions, and something more personal.  For a direct link to our Youtube Channel, click here, and see New videos from Hey Homie Productions WEEKLY!!!


::Posting by Supreme Sam

We haven't Forgetten our BABY!

01:05 PM Saturday, June 13, 2010


Ahh, Hey Homie Productions, what has happened.... it's been 6 months, and nothing?  NO!  That's NOT TRUE! Plenty, plenty, plenty things have been going down... ok, where to even begin... ok, I got it, let us start with a NEW VIDEO! Yes, we're still at it, Perfect Match! It's finally here, after... maybe.. Three years... Jose's Episode... You gotta watch this one, it doesn't get any better than this.  And it even has a new updated intro, it kind of explains all the episodes! Perhaps, might even be our last Perfect Match Episode.  Our last project filmed with our beloved Panasonic DVX100... but wait... what are we gonna use now... oh oh... is it finally time we made the jump to 1080p... but what camera? This is what I call... my BEAST... The BRAND NEW CANON 7D! At FULL 1080p RESOLUTION! I am going to shoot a short very soon using the 7D just to show it off peeps.  Ok, but what have we've been up to and what's that goofy banner at the top of our site? Hey Homie Productions has been busy with the opening of its very first RESTAURANT! So we have been busy... opening restaurants... below are some photos.  The restaurant is a Fast Food Place... but there is something very unique.. it has the LARGEST DOLLAR MENU EVER.  OVER 70 items and GROWING! AND THEY ARE NAME BRAND QUALITY FOOD! NO JOKE! Imagine getting all your favorite meals, for only $1.  Yeah, Hey Homie Productions' is innovative, as if you didn't know.  visit www.gwdollarmenu.com for more info!  And we have been filming... food, for this past 6 months, nothing but FOOD! Don't worry, place is settling in, so time to focus back on more, Hey Home Production movies.



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::Posting by Supreme Sam

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